God himself.

The Lord and Savior of the Sicko Army.

He's ambidextrous..

Known to the rest of the world as Solidest Skelie, the leader of an offshore PMC known as The Sicko Army, specializing in Tactical Memesertion and Covert Lolcow Severance (CLS). Known as The Claw Daddy to his men, he is respected and reverie even in times of grate drunken despair. The loyal solders of the Sicko Army follow in his every drunken footstep.

In recent Anti-Map insurgency He has acquired the name Left-Wing Dork, after getting very drunk and bullying a pedophile who was biased and red-pilled.

It is well known that Claw Invented Chocolate whisky, one of the most important inventions of the decayed. It is rumored that the Sicko Army uses it to fuel it's Armored corp.

His Claw Edit

His claw is made from the strongest material known to man, Sangium harvested from the raw life juices of dead sex-pests..

The Sicko Army R&D Team has made countless breakthrough developments in his claw weaponry and has developed a wide rage or attachments. From Guns to Swords to even "sensual attachments"

Early Life Edit

cLaW WaS BoRn aT A YoUnG AgE

hE iS aN EnTiTy

He was so powerful even as a wee bab that he was born without an arm to balance (a poor attampt tbh)

Career Edit

dude it's youtube yOu cAn't mAkE MoNeY On yOuTuBe

Discography Edit

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