Primary categories of Mev-isms Edit

There are 5 main types of Mev-isms:

  • Mev-neologism - a new word or phrase, which didn't exist before, and was first created by Mev.
    Example: Vegina poop day, a portmanteau of vagina and poop meant to express the concept of "birthday".
  • Mev-euphemism - a preexisting word or phrase, which Mev for some strange reason gave a totally different meaning than it was meant to.
    Example: Vegina, meaning to reference a female vagina, or peepee or weewee for male genitalia.
  • Mev-anachronism - an obscure word or phrase which Mev has learned somewhere and now likes to utter pretty often, and which became characteristic for Mev's way of speaking/writing.
    Example: Free Will, an obscure concept Mev argues is non-existent.
  • Mev-elation - an anecdotal reference to abstract ideas, such as nationalism, philosophy or religion, only pertaining to Mev's own understanding of said ideas.
    Example: Jolly ol' England is betta than America. We just need licenses to own legs an' arms.
  • Mev-ellaneous
    • Always resort to Eurocentric racism when disagreed with.

How to deal with Mev-isms Edit


"Should Mevolander be misbehaving or acting upon one of his Mev-isms, Category XII Safety Procedure dictates he be placed in the B A D B R I T B O X until he calms the fuck down." - St.Vivec

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