Western Polyphony is the fifth studio album by Vínlander multi-instrumentalist Deadwing the Great, released on August 17th, 971. Yes. 971. The tenth century. We'll get there, just continue reading the article, dammit.

The album contains seven songs, and, due to the context, is all Gregorian chanting. Deadwing is not the only person on the album, as Holy Roman Emperor Otto I produced the album and lent choirs from the Roman Catholic Church.


On a cold September night in 2019 (it was the 11th), Claw and Co. were playing Claws Against Humanity (i'm rewriting this because i hit a button on my keyboard and lost a paragraph and a half and i'm sad now) and then there was a BOOM and a cLaSh and lOuD NoIsEs coming from Claw's mic, and everyone was like "oH No cLaW ArE YoU OkAy" and then he was GONE.

And POOF he appeared in a back alley in Rome in 971. Some guy saw his shiny metal left arm and fukken FREAKED THE FUCK OUT so Claw ran away and found some new clothes to cover it up.

Track ListingEdit

  1. How Did I End Up in 971 A.D.? - 10:47
  2. Best Friends with the Holy Roman Emperor - 6:20
  3. I Had to Cover Up the Claw Because Otherwise They'd Probably Have to Crucify Me - 8:12
  4. Once, There Was an Unfortunate Forgetful Guy Named James Who Used to Confuse Mary with Maria All the Time; for That, Maria Hated Him in Every Fiber of Her Being - 2:18
  5. I Need to Go Home and Leif Erickson Was Literally Only Born Last Year, Help - 12:17
  6. Zara? Gabe? Tamara? ANYONE? HELP! - 5:20
  7. The Food Here is Pretty Good if I'm Being Honest - 8:22
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